The Truth about Tampons

Think your tampons are made of cotton? Guess again. Most tampons contain zero cotton and are instead made of synthetic ingredients like chlorine bleached rayon. Gross right? It gets worse.

Most tampons have plastic melted to the absorbent core of the tampon which stays in our body the whole time we use the tampon. What's worse is it's the part of the tampon touching our absorptive, vaginal tissue. It's called the security veil. How secure does that make you feel?

It made us at Orchidea feel pretty insecure too so we created the Purest Tampon on Earth. Orchidea is made of 100% pure, organic cotton.  

The Security Veil & Absorbent Core

We use only pure, premium organic cotton for both the security veil and absorbent cores of Orchidea organic tampons. Both parts stay in your body. If the tampon is in, the veil is touching your absorptive vaginal tissue. For this reason, the veil matters as much or more than the core.

Organic cotton veils are as rare as unicorns. If your tampon has a plastic security veil, the whole time you use those tampons there’s plastic in your vagina. Your vagina hates plastic. Our tampons are white because we use hydrogen peroxide. We never use chlorine bleach which can produce the toxin dioxin. Your vagina hates bleach. Your vagina really hates dioxin. 

Petal Soft Applicators

Plastic isn’t natural for your body or the planet. Our petal soft applicator mimics the ease of plastic during insertion. And its biodegradable so you'll be helping dolphins and other marine life because they won’t end up in our oceans. New to cardboard applicators? Give it a twist before insertion for ease of use.

Our Packaging

Biodegradable / compostable tampons. Recyclable packaging.


Check Your Tampons for:

 Rayon    (a.k.a wood pulp)

Synthetic fiber made from wood pulp. Many believe it's the cause of tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). These abrasive fibers create micro abrasions in our vaginal walls which can make us more susceptible to infections.

Plastics (Polyethylene & Polypropylene)

These plastics are often part of the actual tampon and called the security veil. We’re not just talking about applicators here. This is plastic which stays in our bodies the whole time we use the tampon. Plastics are known hormone disruptors associated with infertility, suppressed immune function, reduced metabolism and cancer.

Chlorine Bleach You don't see this listed as an ingredient because it's used by the wood pulp companies before they sell the rayon to the tampon manufacturers. It's known to produce dioxin, a carcinogen associated with cancer, endometriosis, hormone disruption, suppressed immune function, decreased birth weight and issues with child development.


Anything else I need to know?

Retrograde menstruation. Here's the scoop from Kellylee Whiteside, a Chinese medicine doctor and fertility specialist:

“Retrograde menstruation is the backward flow of blood and tissue (including endometrial cells) up through the fallopian tubes. This can clog the fallopian tubes and flow into the peritoneal cavity, causing inflammation and illness. This is the most likely explanation for endometriosis. Chinese Medicine believes chemicals, including Dioxins, traditionally found in tampons, are easily transported throughout the body through retrograde menstruation. Pure, organic cotton tampons, free of toxins and chemicals are a healthier choice.“

Kellylee Whiteside, L.Ac., FABORM
Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
Harmony Health, Inc.