Funding a Cure

Orchidea not only makes the Purest Tampon on Earth. We also use a portion of profits to fund a cure for cancer, specifically women's cancers. Women's cancers are on the rise and allocating a portion of profits to fund causes like this can help solve problems we all face. We call this having a Corporate Conscious.

Help us encourage other companies to develop a Corporate Conscious as well. Join the conscious consumer movement and help Orchidea change the world. By being a conscious consumer you are empowered to allocate some funds from your purchases to solve big problems. Buying Orchidea products not only helps those we help, but also encourages other companies to help others as well.

We can solve a lot of problems together.  We vote with our dollars. When we support better companies, those dollars change the world.

 We are proud to be partnering with the Foundation for Women's Cancer.