About Us

Purest Tampon on Earth

Orchidea was created by women for women so women can have a pure product they can trust. Women trust Orchidea to tell them the truth about tampons. Women trust Orchidea organic tampons are pure and made of only premium, certified 100% pure organic cotton. We deliver truth, purity and the luxury of great health.

Our founder, Jeannie, created Orchidea after she learned the truth about tampons. After eating organic for so many years, she couldn't believe she made the mistake of using toxic tampons. After getting a warning from her doctor, she went home and looked at the box under her sink. The tampons she was using were no longer made of cotton.

She researched the listed ingredients and learned she was using tampons made of synthetic rayon which was chlorine bleached. She also learned they had a plastic security veil melted to the absorbent core which stayed in her body the whole time she was using those tampons. That meant she had plastic in her body 25% of the time.

She wanted a better option and started working with a team of other women to make one. Together we created Orchidea.  

organic orchids

Orchidea is the Italian word for orchid. Like orchids, women are strong and beautiful and need pure ingredients for healthy lives. Orchidea has a Corporate Conscious and gives back some profits to solve women's problems.